1. Application to Messianic & Christian Web Hosting Net ( MCWH ) implies your agreement to post a web site that is a reflection of Messianic & Christian values and ethics.

2. No Spam or bulk mailings except through your mailing list !! MCWH will charge $100 per e-mail for spam. 

3. Web sites may be removed by MCWH with out prior warning for violations.

4. We are not responsible for any losses resulting from downtime or lost data.

5. Any web site which violates copyright laws or uses the site to distribute pirated or illegal programs will be shut down and the proper authorities will be notified.

6. NO material that is offensive whether it be pictures or written will be tolerated and will be cause for immediate shut down of your web site with out any recourse to refunds.

7. Any action which by you or any one designed which would infringe on the integrity of MCWH will be cause for immediate shut down of your web site with out any recourse to refunds.

8. Unless otherwise specified, all arrangements are on a month to month basis and may be cancelled at anytime by e-mail. Monthly accounts will not be pro-rated for refunds they will be closed on the date of the monthly renewal. 

9. All accounts are to be paid in advance. We will allow a ten day grace period for late payments. If you have extenuating circumstances let us know by e-mail as quickly as possible.

10. There will be a charge for going over your allocated band width.

11. Any fees to transfer your .com, .net, etc to MCWH are the responsibility of the website owner. For personal Loan assistance on the fees payment, you can refer to any major loan directory network for recommendation

12. Our decisions will be final in all disputes.

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